Welcome to Hinsdale Haute Route the highest hut system in Colorado.  Currently offering two yurts, the Jon Wilson Yurt, on a year round basis and the Colorado Trail Friends Yurt is now set up and is available for CT and CDT hikers on an individual basis.  $20 per person per night.  Register onsite.

Individual booking is only available at the CTF yurt and only in the summer.  Otherwise, the whole yurt is rented out.

The Jon Wilson Memorial Yurt is one and a quarter mile from Highway 149.  It is a great destination for families with youngsters or beginning / novice backcountry hut users.  

It also makes a good start for a trip to the Rambouillet and/or Colorado Trail Friends Yurts when those are available.  

For winter users, Wilson's close proximity to the trailhead allows groups to drive for hours, arriving at the trailhead in mid afternoon and still have time to reach the yurt before sunset.  

In summer the Sawmill Park road is steep but two wheel drive accesible by trucks and SUVs to the parking area which is located 200 yards from the yurt.  Minivans and low clearance vehicles will not do well and if the road is wet it will require four wheel drive.

 The first two tenths of a mile from Hwy 149 are STEEP gaining 200 feet in elevation.  There is a slightly less steep option for hikers, snowshoers or skiers going left 25 yards or so from the start.