Public Health Orders now allow short term rentals.  The Jon Wilson Yurt is available for booking.  Please do not book nights closer than two nights after a prior reservation, to comply with Hinsdale Public Health recommendations of 48 hours between guests.  All guests will be asked to report COVID-19 sypmtoms prior to their reservations and up to two weeks after departing.


Welcome to Hinsdale Haute Route the highest hut system in Colorado.  Currently offering two yurts on a year round basis.  

The Jon Wilson Memorial Yurt is one and a quarter mile from the trailhead at Highway 149.  It is a great destination for families with youngsters or beginning to novice backcountry hut users.  It also makes a good start for a trip to the Colorado Trail Friends Yurt.  It's close proximity to the trailhead allows groups to drive for hours, arriving at the trailhead in mid afternoon and still have time to reach the yurt before sunset.  In summer the Sawmill Park road is steep but two wheel drive accesible to the parking area which is located 200 yard from the yurt.

The Colorado Trail Friends Yurt provides a welcome, warm and dry respite for many Colorado Trail and Continental Divide Trail hikers in summer.  In winter, groups using the Colorado Trail Friends Yurt should be of strong intermediate to expert capabilities.  

The Colorado Trail Friends Yurt is currently down for repairs and improvements.  It will  not be operational again until further notice.  We are focusing our efforts on reestablishing the Rambouillet Yurt.