Summer 2022

         Wilson Yurt: Weekdays - $120; Weekends - $130

         Colorado Trail Friends Yurt: Individual rate during the summer                        season - $20 per person per night. Summer reservations are available by phone or e-mail. On site registration for Colorado Trail and Continental Divide Trail hikers is also available at the CTF Yurt. *


Winter 2023

          Both Yurts: Weekdays - $130     Weekends - $150

The Jon Wilson Memorial Yurt and the Colorado Trail Friends Yurt are 20 feet in diameter and sleep up to 8 skiers, hikers or others.

Both yurts are rented to one group per night in winter.  Wilson does not offer per person booking.

Reservations are confirmed upon receipt of full payment.

No refunds for cancellations.  We do appreciate the fact that weather, group logistics, or other factors beyond your control may dictate the ultimate feasibility of any trip.  We will re-schedule in most cases based on the reasons for cancelling.  Reschedules must be between Sunday and Thursday and will be booked on our end.

Click on the "Book me" button to view calendar.


 * For Colorado Trail Friends Yurt reservations in summer call 970-944-2269 or e-mail us